I'm Not An Adult

I was on a roll when it came to blogging, posting once a week and though I am still determined to stick to that schedule, assignments have drained my inspiration and left me with a bad case of writer's block so I apologise if this is not as good as the ones before it.

I am currently sat in bed wearing an oversized plaid shirt and thigh high socks, eating a mcvitie's medley bar for breakfast (not the healthiest option, I know), while waiting for the latest Pretty Little Liars episode to buffer so I can watch it. I am avoiding all responsibilities if it wasn't obvious. I should be finishing an essay on morality plays (cue the long sigh) that is due tomorrow, cleaning my room or even washing my hair but here I am, doing none of the above and wondering why I'm even considered an adult.

I think adulthood should start off at the age of twenty five because no twenty year old I know is ready for life long responsibilities and commitments. Although, now that I mention it, I really need to water my plants, send the synopsis of my potential debut novel to my editor and do a food shop; not adult things just priorities.

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  1. One of my favorite posts since I don't consider myself am adult in some ways. X