A List Of Things That Make Me Happy

I compiled a list of a few things that make me truly happy in order to restore some positivity in my life and act as a reminder for me to do these things more often.

To begin with, I absolutely love dancing. In fact, any form of art that allows me to lose myself in a creative way makes me content and I would just about do anything to have my own studio so that I can continue to do this in my own space.

I also enjoy music. I have currently been jamming out to Fall Out Boy's new album but when I'm not playing that I will probably, most definitely, be listening to a Taylor Swift song. I think, when it comes to music, a good song can fix most problems whether it be blasting through the speakers of your (sister's) car with the windows down and your hair blowing in every other direction (occasionally sticking to the lip gloss you just applied which was totally a bad idea) or in your bedroom where you're secretly a rock goddess with your air guitar. The right song has the ability to make you forget all of your worries and that is one of the reasons why I love concerts.

I could go on all day and write about the different things that make me happy but above all else, I am the happiest when I'm at the beach. I am utterly convinced that I was a mermaid in a past life. The sand between my toes and the sound of waves chanting rhythmically despite their disorder leaves me in a state of complete serenity. I feel as though nothing matters when I'm there, all of my thoughts wash away and in that moment everything else becomes insignificant especially if the sun is rising or setting at the time, it's just breathtaking.  As well as that, the beaches I have come across always have doughnut stands and I am not one to say no to a doughnut or three.


  1. The last line about doughnuts, that's just so you. I miss your snapchats of you singing to me x

  2. I don't even know why but this makes me happy. Sounds weird, but i feel like i can feel the happiness that this things create in you, and this is just by reading it, I can't imagine how truly happy you should feel in these exact moments.
    And I'll admit i did laugh a little when you said the thing about the unnecessary use of the lip gloss and about the hair blowing in every direction, this is always me. anyway, i really like this post