Misery Loves Company

I'm drinking wine by the fireplace in my sister's new apartment while Willamette Stone's Never Coming Down from the If I Stay soundtrack plays in the background and, though I am feeling a little under the weather, my heart is filled with so much happiness that I worry it would burst if I were to be anymore joyous.

I firmly believe in the idea that the energy you radiate is the very same energy you attract so I think the stars are aligning to work in my favor and are choosing to throw some good karma in my direction. I now find myself surrounded by the most kindest people who constantly emit positive vibes into my life. So, if anything, I hope that is what you take from this post. Negativity will only ever bring you negativity in return, after all misery loves company.


  1. Such beautiful & positive words!

  2. Ahhh another beauty. Hope karma has come and will continue to bless you. I really love your writing

  3. This makes me so happy that you're happy. I'm so glad we became friends. You are honestly one of the most compassionate and understanding people I have in my life right now. I'm so greatful for you.