Into The Light

I just lit some candles that were scattered around my room and turned my fairy lights on. When the candles burn out and I switch off the lights I will see the street lamps from my window, or even the city lights if I look out far enough. Then, when the light leaves the sky I will be able to see the stars and the moon that always manages to leave a trail of light to my bed. But, eventually, the moon will conceal itself behind the clouds, everything will blur into nothingness, and the darkness that is both frightening yet somewhat comforting will return once again.

I lose myself in the dark; it's quiet and it's lonely and, sometimes, I prefer it that way. But, here's the thing, the darkness in which you hide in will not last forever. The sun will continue to rise, and the fire inside of you that you thought went out so long ago will reignite, and when you're no longer dazzled by the brightness of it all, it will guide you back into the light.


  1. I really love the message in this post. It's so very positive and uplifting. Never stop writing, you have great talent so much so that all the things you describe in such a short piece can evoke feelings and create images. Forever your biggest (in both ways 😉), Chand x

  2. I'm crying laughing because I meant to put biggest fan. I don't think I'll ever not laugh at this.