I'm Writing A Book

Today, Wannabe Moonchild has reached the one year mark and in honour of that I thought I would share something that excites me to no end. I'm writing a book. I have been for the past few months, exhausting my closest friends with the details, and I cannot wait for you to read it some day. Until then, I can reveal that it's called Dear Mia and it's a story that deals with the stages of grief. So far, I have received nothing but positive comments from those who have read, or know of, it and while the process is long, I'm still only a few chapters in, it's worth every second. I just hope that when it's finally done, and in your hands, you'll love it as much as I do or, at the very least, my words make you feel something because that's all I ever want.


  1. Happy One Year Anniversary!!!
    Proud can not describe how I feel when I think of everything you've achieved. You have not been exhausting me at all, I love to hear your ideas and talk about them with you in hopes to get the ball rolling.
    I feel like one day in the future when you win an award for your writing whether it be a post, poem or a book I'll be the Selena Gomez sat in the crowd, clapping my ass off and mouthing 'that's my best friend'. Your words are touching and always evoke deep thoughts and feelings. I honestly can not wait to be holding Dear Mia in my hands. Always your biggest (fan) Chand X

  2. I'm so so excited to buy your book.