It's Okay To Be Miserable For Days And Then So In Love With Life

Wake up early, before the rest of the world, and go for a run to clear your thoughts. Eat ice cream, have a nap, dance around your room before taking a candlelit bath. Put on anything that makes you feel comfortable and sing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs. Talk to your best friends. Ask them what they see as your best qualities. Then look in the mirror and pick out what you love about yourself and not just physically. Write. Redecorate. Build a fort. Sit by a window and watch the sunset. Try yoga. Eat healthy. Go for a walk. Watch your favourite movie and then recommend it to someone. Make goals and to-do lists and note all that you have achieved. You are the only person behind the wheel. Realise it's your life and decide what you want. Tell someone you love them but only if you mean it. Compile a list of things that make you feel happy. Get in your car without a destination. Travel out of the city and get out of your comfort zone. Do something that makes someone else smile. Put together a playlist. Yell at the world. Cry if you want to just to let it all out. Pick yourself up and choose to hold on. Everything will get better in time. Remember happiness is a mood and not a constant state. The sun makes room for darkness too. So, don't you worry. You will find your way again. For now, don't think to much. Everything you have to do will still be there tomorrow. Turn off your phone. Read a book. Buy yourself flowers and decide you're more than enough. Be alone or in the company of others, as long as it's a place that makes you feel safe. Look out the window. Count the stars. It's okay to be miserable for days and then so in love with life. Breathe. Clear your mind. Feel your heartbeat. You're alive.


  1. I love this post so much. I love everything about it, truly.
    How everything written was a wake up call for myself, that i didn't even know i needed.
    i love this.
    I love that you list the things that make life better. Little things. Day-to-day little things that may make your life better each day, if you let yourself enjoy them.
    All this while remembering its okay to miserable sometimes. It's okay.

    Thank you Zohra, for these beautiful words of wisdom.

  2. I love this so much!! If you could print this on a banner,i'd buy it for my apartment 💗