Everything Is Changing

It's been over a month since I last shared a post and because it's been that long I am reluctant. Nothing's good enough and I don't want this to be a lame attempt at an apology because I'm not sorry. Life happened. And boy did it happen fast. In the space of a month I met a friend of mine for the first time and we saw one of our favourite bands together. I started writing chapter four of Dear Mia (which is still a thing by the way) and had more work published on Thought Catalog. I celebrated a birthday (not my own, I am a November baby) and so many friendiversaries that I was reminded how lucky I am to have the friends I do. I moved house and finished university. I even fell behind on tv shows and went furniture shopping which, I guess, kind of makes me an adult now, despite having written a post claiming that I'm not one. Everything is just screaming change and though it scares me a little, it excites me even more and I want to document it all. So, from here on out, I promise to post often and that the content will be far greater than thought vomit because, even though it is what I'm best at, I have a lot in store for Wannabe Moonchild. I just hope you stick around, continue to be as patient as you are, while I try to figure it all out.


  1. I know exactly how you feel I went on my blog a couple days and realised I hadn't posted in AGES but life just happens and it's a whirlwind it's great to understand it's not just me who has been busy and had to do other things.

  2. Congratulations on your mild metamorphosis! ;-) Rest assured that as long as I get your Twitter updates, I'll stick around for all highs and lows, including thought vomit. And in the meantime, I'll have to catch up on the Thought Catalog writings I didn't know about. Best wishes and wordings.