The Best Feelings

A while ago I was in a weird funk. I went from the happiest I have been to feeling melancholic. So, while my mood fluctuates, which happens often, I thought I'd write a post on some of the best feelings. Only, instead of it being all me, I took to Twitter again and asked a few people what their favourite feelings were. This is what I got.

"When you dive into the ocean and it's so cold, for a second it's like you can't breathe."

"Travelling home after a long summer day at the lake. You're in charge of the music playing in the car, the windows are down, and the sun is beginning to set. Everyone is quiet and content. You're feeling a little sticky because of the heat and left over sunscreen but the best part is knowing that a hot shower and then a clean bed await you."

"When someone gives you an unexpected hug that you secretly really needed, but were too shy to admit you did."

"Stepping into a hot bubble bath after spending a day in the rain, it feels like the warmest, best smelling hug all over your body."

"When cold wind hits your face. Like when you're going on a roadtrip and all the windows are down and the air is just filling up the car."

"The feeling of being hopeful, because no matter what happens there are moments where everything seems infinitely possible."

"There's a Danish word 'Hygge' and it basically describes the warm feeling you have from being comforted. So, think being around your friends and family, the feeling of sipping or really fine wine, it's that cosy feeling you get when you feel satiated and happy at the same time. There's no direct English translation, but that's a good one."

"When you achieve a goal and see all your hard work pay off. Good things come to those who work their ass off and make things happen. There is a sense of comfort and pride that is felt through accomplishment and I think it only makes you feel better as a human."

"Stepping outside on a fall morning, slightly shivering from the cool breeze but being uplifted by the beauty of everything around you."

"The best tangible feeling is probably basking in the sun, or huddling next to a camp fire. But the best non-tangible feeling is when someone tells you they trust you."

As for me, when you're dancing in your room to a song you really love, or you're sat on the beach watching the sunset, or you're with someone who means a lot to you and you're laughing so much you start crying. It's that feeling you get in those moments, when you're present, untroubled and utterly content that you would do anything to stop time and live in them forever.


  1. This made me cry and smile and feel so warm inside. So beautiful.

  2. love this whole post, chandinis is one of my favourite feelings too!! ��

  3. I love this post, it made me happy. :)

  4. All these were so heavenly beautiful. Even if they weren't my moments, I felt this calm happiness settle in my soul. A smile is on my face, an a light tune is in my heart. Thanks for this. I love you, Z.