A Heart Like Yours

For the one who feels too much, feels everything too deeply, and gets called oversensitive. You are tender and soft. You throw love around like it's confetti, and even though there are times it leaves you exhausted, you still have more to give. You always have more to give. So what if you overflow with emotion, as your tears become oceans, and your anger causes tsunamis. Regardless of metaphors and the thoughts your brain conjures up, you are not a natural disaster. There are no warning signs implemented, marking you as detrimental, so others evacuate for their own safety. If anything, you're a lighthouse, and a heart like yours is ardent and wild, guiding lost ones with your radiance. And without you they'd be drowning into an abyss. So please do not mistake your intensity, your kindliness, your compassion for mere weakness, as if those are traits that need to be hidden. Waves crash into you because you can survive a storm. You may be delicate but you are stronger than most.

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  1. Zohra! This comment is long overdue and I'm typing it from my iPhone so we'll see how it goes. Everyday I am even more in awe with your writing and the way you are able to deliver such powerful words and convey exactly what the audience is feeling with such ease. Reading this last week, I literally almost cried. (I was actually at a breakfast table with some friends so I had to hold it together but you know). It's so beautiful. My favorite line is "so what if you overflow with emotion as your tears become oceans." The metaphors in this are beautiful-- all of them. I feel so incredibly honored that I inspired this piece and I want to give back to you so bad (I'm sure I'll think of something). You are beautiful, and your words are beautiful. Thank you so much for this. I hope you're doing well!!