Excerpts Of Poems I'll Never Finish

I haven't written anything in quite some time. I mean, besides pages of Dear Mia, tweets no one reads, and the occasional post on Thought Catalog, I haven't sat down and collected my thoughts long enough to write about them. Until now that is, as I have taken a few days off work (to hibernate and catch up on tv shows), but instead of boring you with another update post, I thought I'd share excerpts of poems I'll never finish. So, enjoy and I'll be back with more words for you soon.


No one ever leaves quietly.
They can walk out when you're sleeping,
or in the middle of a conversation,
and even then it's like slamming doors
because you can't tiptoe out of
someone's life.



Dreams feel no different 
than distant memories
and you're becoming a stranger,
erasing all of our history.


The Difference Between Us

I am a high tide,
crashing waves,
and eroding rocks just to leave a mark.

You are the ripple effect from skimming pebbles,
disappearing faster
than you could ever surface.


  1. I really enjoy all of your writing and I especially enjoy your poetry, I can't wait until you publish a whole book of your poems. I'm sad these won't be finished, maybe one day if you feel particularly inspired you'll come back to them? Glad to see you post, Chand x

  2. I love your writing!! I really feel the emotion in these poems. I can't wait to read more :)

  3. Even though these poems aren't finished, they are still so beautiful and short and easy to read!
    Aleeha xXx