In Love I Have Learnt

i. you can't ask people to stay, not if they don't want to. ii. words mean nothing if your actions don't follow suit. iii. some people will love you for all the wrong reasons iv. but it comes in different forms v. so you are loved even on days when you feel unlovable. vi. if you open your heart and radiate love it will gravitate back towards you. vii. the hearts that refuse to love you do not make up your worth. viii. love that is good for you will always come back. ix. sometimes it's temporary but it materializes at a time you need it most x. be grateful regardless, it's the closest thing to magic. xi. love deeply and truly for it is never wasted xii. and know that you don't stop loving people, you just realise you can live without them. xiii. it's important to understand the difference between those who deserve your love and those who don't. xiv. and to acknowledge when you begin to love a memory more than a person. xv. letting go does not diminish what you felt. xvi: i am young, i still have much to learn xvii. above all else, love yourself first.


  1. Zohra, I love you so much xo

  2. ...that's so true... sometimes we all spend so long trying to make people stay when there's other people who would want to stay.
    Aleeha xXx