The Biggest Risk Is Never Taking Any

I have been contemplating making videos on Youtube for quite a while. But no matter how eager I was to do it, coming up with all of these elaborate ideas, I told myself it was a terrible thought. Only, now I'm kind of at the fuck it stage in my life and want to try everything without letting fears hold me back. So, I'm no longer going to be the person that stops myself from doing things, unless they're illegal. Then I'll have the law stopping me too. Anyway, all signs are saying go for it. I watched an old episode of Supergirl the other day and Superman told James Olsen "the biggest risk is never taking any". And I was like damn, he's right. So, this is one of the risks. Will I end up hating myself because of it? Probably. But will I love every second of it? Hell yes. So, if you want to see my face and hear me speak the words that fill up my brain rather than have the voice in yours read them, subscribe to my channel here. But be patient with me, I have no idea what I'm doing. Alas, this doesn't mean I'll be paying less attention to Wannabe Moonchild. For the most part I'll be turning posts into videos. So, join me as I venture on.

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  1. Hai Zohra, salam kenal ya..
    Ditunggu postingan videonya.