In Five Years

I hope I'm in a house that's my own, and, despite wanting to be alone sometimes, there's another person to help fill it, to come home to after a long day of work, to spill my heart into. There's a stack of books I have finally published on a shelf in our makeshift office. Wilde Ink Press is actually a thing and I'm working on a script for a new tv show. I still eat breakfast outside when it's warm enough, only now accompanied by a puppy. He runs inside and I can hear his tiny feet on the floorboards that make it easier to dance. The windows are tall and there's a ledge I can sit on to read when it rains. Chandini is married with a litter full of kids, but we talk often. Marilyn and I live closer together and she comes over whenever I'm home. Our wild nights always end with us watching old movies and talking about how much of a mess we once were. Eva is travelling and taking photos but stays with me whenever she's in the city. I host dinner parties for long distance friends like Oushna, Timaj and Bridget. There's road trips with Alexandra. We listen to mixtapes she has made and come home with tear stained cheeks. We're a lot closer, not only by distance, and leave each other feeling a little extra fabulous until our next reunion. I see Kika while she's on tour and there's plenty of toasts and we made its. I travel when I can and see my growing family every other weekend. I continue to live my best life and my heart aches at how it's turning out, in a good way.


  1. This is so well writen, I loved reading this (so much that I read it multiple times). I'm honoured that you included me in your writing and I am so lucky to have you as a friend. In 5 years, I hope you get all this and more. Can't wait for those dinner parties ;) xo

  2. got this in notif in my e-mail <3 i'm so glad you're still writing for wannabe moonchild this is so cute and i'm crying that i'm mentioned wTF.

    love you