Find Me

Find me howling at the moon or sitting on the kitchen counter eating chocolate muffins or meditating in the dark with only a candle burning or writing or zip-ling or falling in love or holding my baby niece or napping in the afternoon or dancing in my underwear or making art or baking or learning how to drive or sending postcards or laying in a field or publishing a few poems online or looking at flights or walking away or laughing or crying after midnight or watching tv shows or screaming into the void or buying flowers or celebrating or working or spending time with my family or listening to music or sitting by a fire or changing as the seasons do or taking photos or reading or camping in the garden until the stars come out or thriving or losing my mind or dreaming or being wild or riding on the back of a motorcycle or frolicking around the city with my best friends or inspiring others or wanting more or standing before an ocean with my heart on my sleeve or growing or waiting in the rain or realising who I'm meant to be or trying or making plans or living or finding myself.

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