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Away from a classroom, self-proclaimed leader of the pack, Zohra Hussain was first recognised for her creative talents at the age of sixteen; publishing work in a young writer's anthology. It was that, as well as the people in her life, which encouraged her to pursue the art of writing. Dipping her toes in poetry and shorts while being introduced to the world of fan-fiction. That, however, no longer has an evidence trail but is recalled as an experience that allowed her to grow as a writer.

Since then, half a decade later, while studying English and Creative Writing at University, her work has been published on the likes of Thought Catalog, displayed in exhibitions all over Media City, and is read by thousands of people across the globe who have taken an interest in what she posts. Still, for the girl behind Wannabe Moonchild the best is yet to come, as she ventures out into the unknown and works on her debut novel.